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English-Hindi > obbligato

obbligato meaning in Hindi

noun plural: obbligati   
obbligato sentence in Hindi
1.The vocal line is accompanied by an oboe da caccia obbligato.

2.The chorale is followed by an aria with an obbligato violin.

3.The alto aria is accompanied by an obbligato violoncello piccolo.

4.Movement 4 is an aria for soprano with an obbligato solo violin.

5.Marina Piccinini played the flute obbligatos to excellent effect.

6.Wit is the obbligato that runs against the symphonic theme of his melancholy.

7.The piece also benefits from the fluid piano obbligato of Maria Joao Pires.

8.I used to just play low-end obbligato.

9.It includes the earliest surviving obbligato writing for instruments by the Roman School.

10.It is followed by an aria for soprano with obbligato recorders in unison.

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a part of the score that must be performed without change or omission
Synonyms: obligato,

a persistent but subordinate motif
Synonyms: obligato,

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