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English-Hindi > obelisk

obelisk meaning in Hindi

noun plural: obelisks   
obelisk sentence in Hindi
1.The Washington Monument, which is modeled on an Egyptian obelisk.

2.It runs the full height of the 555-foot obelisk.

3.He even visited Rome to get a glimpse of the obelisk.

4.We know that if the obelisk comes, customers will come.

5.The real obelisk is expected to be completed by June 2000.

6.Among other things, it said Italy would return the obelisk.

7.For decades Ethiopian officials have demanded the obelisk's return.

8.To dismantle the obelisk is a crime and it is senseless.

9.In 1881 the current marble obelisk was erected in their honor.

10.Today there is an obelisk in the city commemorating the battle.

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a stone pillar having a rectangular cross section tapering towards a pyramidal top

a character used in printing to indicate a cross reference or footnote
Synonyms: dagger,

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