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pathoses sentence in Hindi

"pathoses" meaning in Hindipathoses in a sentence
  • The exercise does not exclude a few grace notes of pathos.
  • But for Ms . Goodman, life is not without pathos.
  • The pathos of hand exceeding grasp gives folk art its power.
  • This is not pathos to say this is a historical moment.
  • For two excruciating days, his pathos played out in public.
  • Nowhere is it clearer that humor is often born of pathos.
  • Ms . Asylmuratova's slender, arching body radiated pathos.
  • Stritch's account of her life has plenty of pathos.
  • Director Joe Brancato pilots the action away from pathos or sentimentality.
  • The pathos was bitter, sweet and every note in between.
  • And all the pathos, too, of a man exposed.
  • His tragedies, as a rule, lack pathos and sublimity.
  • Pathos-Obama appeals to the audience s emotions through imagery.
  • Even the climactic choruses achieve their intended combination of pathos and jubilation.
  • Such moments are tinged with eeriness as well as pathos.
  • Add generous quantities of wit, pathos and sexual tension.
  • Pathos, after all, is not a four-letter word.
  • Donizetti helps Major along with some significant moments of pathos.
  • Pratfalls follow pathos, satire co-exists with sadness.
  • Two Regency romances interspersed with wit, humor and pathos.
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