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English-Hindi > paunches

paunches meaning in Hindi

paunches sentence in Hindi
1.It fell to a midpoint on his small but protruding paunch.

2.The beer belly, the pregnancy paunch, or combination thereof.

3.Yesterday, he was a shleppy insurance salesman with a paunch.

4.One Santa pulled at his paunch while another flocked his beard.

5.He had that uniform, tailored just so at the paunch.

6.He didn't have his paunch then ."

7.Slight paunches cover stomachs that were once hard and flat.

8.No wrinkles, no gray hairs, no middle-age paunch.

9.My friend leans back, hands rested comfortably on his modest paunch.

10.Hair graying, knees buckling, paunch waxing and waning.

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