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English-Hindi > paunchier

paunchier meaning in Hindi

paunchier sentence in Hindi
1.As his fortune grew, Spiegel became paunchier, his face more hawklike.

2."Brady's bigger, chestier, paunchier _ Jack would not have been physically suitable for that.

3.The surviving Pythons are a lot paunchier and grayer these days, but their undergraduate senses of humor remain intact.

4.Instead, many Americans are growing paunchier and say their lives are dull, while bankruptcy filings indicate that a growing number of consumers are facing serious money difficulties.

5.In this remake, the leading characters _ grayer and paunchier _ may plan to play themselves, but ravaged Beirut would probably be played by Gaza City, Ramallah, or maybe, eventually, even Jerusalem.

6.The men, slightly grayer and paunchier than they were in their playing prime in the 1980s, plopped down after last weekend's game on a long bench in a dusky, trash-littered section of Flushing Meadows-Corona Park in Queens.

7.Picture Hamlet older, paunchier, an ordinary Everyman, and you may have some idea of the startling performance by Simon Russell Beale in the Royal National Theatre's highly personal production of Shakespeare's most famous play, which has begun an American tour at the Wilbur Theatre here.

8.He shows up for lunch at the media hangout Trattoria dell'Arte in midtown, dressed in black linen jacket, black silk shirt, white pants and black loafers, a little paunchier than he used to be, but with a ruddy, ageless look that suggests one part elfin charmer and one part Romanov prince.

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