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English-Hindi > paunchy

paunchy meaning in Hindi

pronunciation: [ 'pɔ:ntʃi, 'pɑ:n- ]  sound:  
paunchy sentence in Hindi
1.Operating under the guise of a slightly paunchy, small-town insurance

2.Some of these giants are paunchy, but others are exceptional athletes.

3.A paunchy, rude-growing flap-dragon.

4.James was impressed by the charming, dark-haired, paunchy man.

5.It worked for stewardesses so why not paunchy, balding middle-management drones?

6.Short and paunchy, he has soft features and still appears stiff in public.

7."He's my hero, " the paunchy man said.

8.Fifteen years later, he is paunchy and balding and crowned with laurel wreaths.

9.NEW YORK ( AP ) _ Sylvester Stallone paunchy and deaf in one ear?

10.The aging, paunchy Bergonzi has a voice that is a force of nature.

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having a large belly
Synonyms: abdominous, potbellied,

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