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English-Hindi > peacocking

peacocking meaning in Hindi

peacocking sentence in Hindi
1.:: : Pruning of the promo and peacocking looks good.

2.That's a form of peacocking, per WP : PEACOCK.

3.It has no notable citations, with a heavily biased tone and sundry peacocking terms.

4.:Trimmed some peacocking from the article.

5.The first reviewer said that emphasizing why JSB was notable in the lead was peacocking.

6.Imagine that this was the fourth or fifth time that the particular bit of peacocking text had been reverted that day.

7.Ignorance or arrogant dismissal of this mechanism can be dangerous, whether for peacocking Chechen generals and backwoods shepherds or NATO strategists.

8."Somebody's watching me, " sings Michael Jackson from the turntables, like a sly subtext to the peacocking.

9.Having failed to identify any language whatsoever which is " peacocking ", the next " attack " is " conflict of interest ".

10.You might leave them a nice note about the undesirability of WP : PEACOCKing . talk ) 21 : 51, 22 June 2011 ( UTC)

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