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English-Hindi > peafowls

peafowls meaning in Hindi

peafowls sentence in Hindi
1.The Indian peafowl is a resident breeder in the Thar region.

2.Adult peafowl can usually escape ground predators by flying into trees.

3.Through backcrossing some hybrids become almost indistinguishable from pure green peafowl.

4.Peafowl have been kept for millennia due to their ophiophagous habit.

5.The maze and walled garden are populated by many wandering peafowl.

6.This shows that peafowl preference is more complex than originally thought.

7.At Andalusia, she raised and nurtured some 100 peafowl.

8.Peafowl were said to keep an area free of snakes.

9.The peafowl is a symbol of the city of Arcadia.

10.Peafowl can also be found throughout neighborhoods surrounding the arboretum.

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