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English-Hindi > plexon

plexon meaning in Hindi

plexon sentence in Hindi
1.Spectrum Scientific became known as Plexon in 1996.

2.Plexon celebrated its 30th anniversy in February 2013.

3.Due to many contributions like these, Plexon and Harvey Wiggins have become iconic in the neuroscience community.

4.Since 2001, Plexon has been repeatedly recognized by the technology business community in Dallas, Texas for rapid growth.

5.Plexon equipment has been used in " areas of study including autism, prosthetic limb control for paralysis patients, and the effects of drugs on brain processing and memory . " In addition, it also develops equipment and software for behavioral video tracking.

6."' Plexon "'( from " plexus, " a term describing a network of nerve cells ) is an American company that " invents, develops, and manufactures hardware and software that acquires, amplifies, records, and analyzes signals from individual brain cells . " It is based in Dallas, Texas and is very close to the campus of Southern Methodist University with a satellite office in Brussels, Belgium.

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