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English-Hindi > plexuses

plexuses meaning in Hindi

plexuses sentence in Hindi
1.The probe may just be too close to a cooling plexus.

2.The vagus nerve divides and covers the esophagus in a plexus.

3.This results in backflow of blood into the pampiniform venous plexus.

4.The brachial plexus is a superolateral relation of the thoracic inlet.

5.Injuries to the lumbosacral plexus are predominantly witnessed as bone injuries.

6.The torn edge of this plexus is called the choroid tenia.

7.The highest density of receptor expression is within the choroid plexus.

8.Why it felt like a punch to the solar plexus.

9.Bio-Plexus Inc .'s stock also gained.

10.Plexus Corp . PLXS Electronic products 255.22 43.

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