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English-Hindi > pliabilities

pliabilities meaning in Hindi

pliabilities sentence in Hindi
1.Their pliability is reflected in their acquiescence to presidential will.

2.It was an important lesson in the pliability of the international community.

3.They dry to a rubbery consistency and maintain their pliability for decades.

4.This hair varies greatly in softness, pliability and color.

5.Impressed with the pliability of the leather, Appier picked a new mitt.

6.There's not much pliability or elasticity here, " said Zogby.

7.This reduces the strength and pliability of the collagen.

8.The pliability and fineness in the weaving is what sets the Laminusa mats apart.

9.The process increases the pliability, stretchability, softness, and quality of the leather.

10.Zeitels estimates the majority of people lose their voice because their vocal cord membranes lose pliability.

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