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polysynthetic sentence in Hindi

"polysynthetic" meaning in Hindi
  • Like the other Algonquian languages, Blackfoot is typologically polysynthetic.
  • It is a polysynthetic language with ( somewhat ) free word order.
  • French-origin noun phrases retain lexical polysynthetic structure.
  • As a polysynthetic language, Blackfoot features object incorporation.
  • In fusional languages and polysynthetic languages, this is often not the case.
  • The Siouan languages he considered " mildly polysynthetic " and agglutinative-fusional.
  • Examples of compositionally polysynthetic languages include Classical Tonkawa, and most Amazonian languages.
  • Like many Native American languages, Cree features a complex polysynthetic morphology and syntax.
  • Salishan languages are known for their polysynthetic nature.
  • Aymara is an agglutinating and, to a certain extent, a polysynthetic language.
  • Many polysynthetic languages display complex evidentiality and / or mirativity systems in their verbs.
  • Among the examples of polysynthetic languages he gave was Algonkin which he considered fusional.
  • Examples of affixally polysynthetic languages include Inuktitut, Quileute ) and the Wakashan languages.
  • However, it is a common misconception that polysynthetic morphology is universal among Amerindian languages.
  • This is typical of a polysynthetic language.
  • This is not accurate, and results from a misunderstanding of the nature of polysynthetic languages.
  • Polysynthetic languages, such as glossed.
  • The Cherokee speak a Southern polysynthetic and is written in a syllabary invented by Sequoyah ( ).
  • Working within generative grammar, he wrote several important books about the formal analysis of polysynthetic languages.
  • Crystal twinning is common in feldspars, especially polysynthetic twins in plagioclase and Carlsbad twins in alkali feldspars.
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