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pythons sentence in Hindi

"pythons" meaning in Hindipythons in a sentence
  • A tight pinstripe skirt was paired with a racy python vest.
  • Burmese pythons, boa constrictors, milk snakes and king snakes.
  • Mistaken in action for anthology performance of Monty Python Flying Circus.
  • Our great secret with Python was we got rid of punchlines.
  • This miniature golf course is Monty Python crossed with Tim Burton.
  • Locals provide the dead fryer rabbits swallowed whole by his pythons.
  • Pythons and boa constrictors occur like icons in contemporary animal photographs.
  • Family time was spent watching Mel Brooks and Monty Python movies.
  • Pete the python : Made headlines after escaping in the 1940s.
  • Like the rest of the Pythons, Gilliam has moved on.
  • Science may yet prove more potent than Shakespeare or Monty Python.
  • I try to take a page from the Monty Python book.
  • To celebrate the 30th anniversary of " Python,"
  • But there is one " Python "'legacy.
  • Monty Python was politically incorrect long before the term was coined.
  • Now, however, Monty Python is part of the establishment.
  • But cold-blooded python prints are the next big thing.
  • In 1985, 32, 000 blood pythons were exported worldwide.
  • John Cleese has proved there definitely is life after Monty Python.
  • Michael Palin of Python's Flying Circus told BBC radio.
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