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pyxis sentence in Hindi

"pyxis" meaning in Hindipyxis in a sentence
  • Pyxis is to be operated as a wholly owned subsidiary of Cardinal.
  • Pyxis would become a wholly owned subsidiary of Cardinal under the agreement.
  • But analysts said Pyxis would immediately add to Cardinal's earnings.
  • The pyxis of al-Mughira is a masterwork of the genre.
  • Pyxis declined to specify its revenue projection for Canada.
  • Pyxis, based in San Diego, had two years of flat earnings.
  • And second, Pyxis Solitary invited three additional editors on Jan . 22.
  • This circular Pyxis or box depicts two scenes.
  • Cardinal Health fell after announcing it would buy Pyxis Corp . for $ 920 million.
  • Pyxis also owns Allied Pharmacy Management Inc ., which operates pharmacies in 40 hospitals.
  • Firmware 1.1 allowed the device to inherit sharing capabilities described by codename Pyxis.
  • The word " pyx " comes from the pyxis " " meaning box or receptacle.
  • Pyxis is Greek for jar ).
  • San Diego-based Pyxis and its Allied Pharmacy Mangement unit make systems to manage drug supplies.
  • Pyxis stock soared $ 6.375, to $ 22.125, in NASDAQ trading.
  • Whereupon Pyxis Solitary retorted, " You two can have tea together, if you want ".
  • "' TY Pyxidis "'is an eclipsing binary star in the constellation Pyxis.
  • On the upperside of the pyxis is a geometrical pattern in " dark on light " paint.
  • The hard part for Pyxis Corp . wasn't selling its drug-dispensing machines in Canada.
  • Like Owen, Pyxis makes in-hospital drug dispensing systems and also operates a pharmacy management program.
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