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quacked sentence in Hindi

"quacked" meaning in Hindiquacked in a sentence
  • *I've blocked User : FMicronesian because they quacked.
  • A family of ducks quacked noisily as they waddled around the barnyard.
  • Al Gore quacked like a duck in a baby's face.
  • The Ducks hadn't quacked at the Sweet 16 since 1960.
  • Darkeclipse1 and Darkeclipse3 quacked, and thus were blocked.
  • The KISW duck quacked his last quack in 1980 when the station dropped the promotion.
  • What looked like a duck and quacked like a duck turned out to be a rubber ducky.
  • With varying degrees of sincerity, most of them quacked, " Yes, but ."
  • Geese flew over me, and ducks, startled into flight, quacked rapidly out of my path.
  • And when we asked our waitress to explain one dish ( a pasta with duck ), she quacked.
  • He had bad form on everything, and his passes looked so much like wounded ducks that they practically quacked.
  • They all quacked, so, with the exception of the IP, all are now indefinitely blocked and tagged.
  • He walked like a duck and quacked like a duck and he sure as hell looked like a playmaking guard to me.
  • In case you haven't guessed, duck life in suburbia isn't all it's quacked up to be.
  • It quacked like a tax increase and waddled like a tax increase _ and in the end, it died like a tax increase.
  • The mother duck quacked frantically on the cobbled stones of the Carriage Gate entrance to Parliament, and six firefighters rushed to the scene.
  • Our current policies and guidelines don't give us any guidance, because they look like ducks but haven't quacked yet.
  • Joe Dilworth, a homeowner, cited the maxim that a creature that walked like a duck and quacked like a duck was probably a duck.
  • Throughout our conversation, his duck-shaped phone repeatedly quacked, and when he answered it, the bill protruded from the side of his head.
  • I mean their third edit is on the DYK which from the previous investigations something that quacked as 23prootie because he / she was involved with it.
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