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quackery sentence in Hindi

"quackery" meaning in Hindiquackery in a sentence
  • Not surprisingly, the Internet has become ripe territory for quackery.
  • To be sure, some skeptics dismiss feng shui as quackery.
  • But those terms are loaded, easy to dismiss as quackery.
  • But Kenya's physicians generally reject traditional medicine as quackery.
  • The line between alternative medicine and quackery is a contentious subject.
  • Doesn't this qualify as quackery / fraud / skeptical.
  • Quackery is a specific type of pseudoscience that alludes medical treatments.
  • There were a few people offering sensible mainstream advice amid the quackery.
  • McCoy has crammed the Quackery Gallery with dozens of relics like that.
  • But pupils weren't the only ones fooled by his quackery.
  • It wasn't just the issue of quackery that roused opposition.
  • :: When have I advocated fringe theories or quackery?
  • Quackery and pseudoscience DO NOT deserve " equal time ".
  • He runs a number of websites dealing with quackery and health fraud.
  • By 1923, he had enough capital to build quackery.
  • They would love to delete the word and attempts to expose quackery.
  • There is also a vast body of folk medicine and simple quackery.
  • Note that currently quackery doesn't appear elsewhere in the article.
  • It is therefore NOT a fringe therapy, or quackery.
  • For years, chiropractic was discredited and even referred to as quackery.
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