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English-Hindi > quackish

quackish meaning in Hindi

quackish sentence in Hindi
1.This edit in particular looks quackish; it appears to be an attempted end-run around blocks given to "'Vegavairbob "'and his known IPs for repeated such edits in violation of consensus.

2.Although there are a few differences between the IPs new version and the last sock version, the addition of the unsuccessful candidate names at the bottom originally added in this edit seems quackish enough, especially with this and this from the IP also, that's Marquis style editing to the letter.

3.However, by the late 19th and early 20th centuries, as biological and medical science developed, the situation had reversed : because the state of the art in medicine was now scientific medicine, those physicians who ignored all etiologic theory in favor of only their own experience were now increasingly quackish, even though in the era of religion-based or mythology-based medicine ( the era of pseudoscientific approaches qualified as quackery.

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