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English-Hindi > quacking

quacking meaning in Hindi

quacking sentence in Hindi
1.Nevertheless, those ducks Bratton promises to knock down keep quacking.

2.Like the sassabies, hartebeest produce quiet quacking and grunting sounds.

3.To the French, English tends to sound nasal and quacking.

4.I have blocked both as they are quacking like the duck.

5.Two quacking mallards slanted across the sky, banking toward a stream.

6.And pressing seven would give you just that _ a quacking duck.

7.Quacking overlap in elaborate hoax vandalism to Larry Sanger and Jay Mariotti.

8.I heard ducks quacking, so I initiated a Sockpuppet Investigation here.

9.There's a lot of quacking here, imo.

10.Must have just heard the quacking a long way off . ..

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