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English-Hindi > quaff

quaff meaning in Hindi

pronunciation: [ kwɑ:f, kwɔf ]  sound:  
verb past tense: quaffed   verb past participle: quaffed   noun plural: quaffs   verb present participle: quaffing   
quaff sentence in Hindi
1.Bill Gates quaffs Diet Coke like James Bond sips dry martinis.

2.Danish kicker Oliver Quaff unloaded a 34-yard field goal.

3.The heartiest festival-goers quaff cold beers at an outdoor brasserie.

4.The result, he said, is a creamy quaff of heaven.

5.Then they return, quaff some drinks and tell about what got away.

6.Could North Koreans soon quaff that most American of soft drinks, Coca Cola?

7.The military man quaffs the drink in a few seconds and leaves without paying.

8.Guys can quaff the brew, too.

9.But can we forgive him not knowing that Sarah Jessica Parker quaffs Cosmopolitans in Manhattan?

10.DeCicco dyed his silver hair black, leaving silver streaks styled in a pompadour quaff.

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a hearty draft

to swallow hurriedly or greedily or in one draught; "The men gulped down their beers"
Synonyms: gulp, swig,

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