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English-Hindi > quaffing

quaffing meaning in Hindi

quaffing sentence in Hindi
1.They certainly weren't quaffing Guinness in the middle of the day.

2.Now urine-quaffing is gaining popularity in Britain and the United States.

3.Its bold spiciness can interfere with some foods and the simple pleasure of quaffing.

4.It's just meant for easy quaffing.

5.It is the lightest, fruitiest style of Beaujolais and meant for simple quaffing.

6.The strip club was scattered with patrons with embalmed looks, solemnly quaffing their beverages.

7.The acts of pausing and focusing through each step distinguishes wine tasting from simple quaffing.

8.New or not, Beaujolais is quaffing wine, meant to be drunk, not sipped.

9."It's for quaffing " _ swallowing straight down rather than sipping.

10.Stewart says, affably, quaffing a beer down the street at Sonsie after his Tower browse.

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