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English-Hindi > quaffed

quaffed meaning in Hindi

quaffed sentence in Hindi
1.What Sir Robert quaffed was probably a cabernet-shiraz blend.

2.Three weeks after their first attempt, they quaffed a palatable brew.

3.They nibbled the kangaroo prosciutto, quaffed the Victoria Bitter.

4.Sir Elton John sang to guests as they quaffed 600 bottles of Champagne.

5.Jones said as he quaffed a midday pint of beer in the local pub.

6.By contrast, those aged 20 to 39 quaffed 49 percent of all beer.

7.Elmer Fudpuckers and Harvey Wallbangers were sappy, sweet drinks quaffed by the disco crowd.

8.They quaffed drinks with umbrellas in them.

9.On the campaign trail, he quaffed mostly Gatorade, but also enjoyed the occasional Coke.

10.He quaffed oysters and lager in Baltimore with his mentor, H . L . Mencken.

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