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quainter sentence in Hindi

"quainter" meaning in Hindiquainter in a sentence
  • Brevard remains quieter and quainter than much of the mountains.
  • And they certainly don't long for quainter times.
  • Such polite deference is not just an anachronism, a throwback to a quainter age.
  • In quainter times, Devil s Night tricks involved egging windows and toilet-papering trees.
  • In the postwar boom, the family began adding tall modern wings that contrasted sharply with quainter neighboring hotels.
  • But they are falling, one by one, as land grows more valuable and alley-style residences seem ever quainter.
  • And Otten has been pushing hard in Britain, pitching New England skiing as much closer _ and quainter _ than the huge Rocky Mountain resorts.
  • One of the quainter anecdotes about emeralds was told by the 16th-century historian Matthew 11 : 11 ) which referred to John the Baptist.
  • The director Joe Dowling, an Irishman with a clear-eyed view of his countrymen, eschews easy sentimentality and the tendency of American directors to make Irish drama quainter than it really is.
  • And it is a good idea to arrange for a long weekend, because some of the places in town _ particularly the quainter bed-and-breakfasts and the snazzier inns _ have a three-night minimum.
  • Without much else happening, these wild outbursts by the multicolored intruder carry a film that is content to " overshadow quainter ideas about plot and character with flashy, up-to-the-minute gimmickry " ( Maslin ).
  • In a quainter place and time, the veteran who lost his starting job but kept at it, who never missed a voluntary summer workout and made enough plays to win the most critical game of the season would be a standard bearer, not a scapegoat.
  • As Mr . Biel sees it, Titanic nostalgia had a lot to do with cold war anxieties : compared with the horrors of a nuclear war, the Titanic came to be seen as a " quainter kind of disaster, " a symbol of lost innocence.
  • "As Mr . Biel sees it, Titanic nostalgia had a lot to do with Cold War anxieties : compared with the horrors of a nuclear war, the Titanic came to be seen as a ` quainter kind of disaster,'a symbol of lost innocence ."
  • "' John Updike "'(-- on Fox's Doctor Golf ) : " Golf in the Kingdom " put me in mind of another curious devotional work, William Price Fox's " Doctor Golf . " Doctor Golf, a fanatic even quainter and keener than Shivas Irons, runs a thirty-nine-member golf sanctuary in Arkansas called Eagle-Ho, refers to " young Hagen, " advocates caddy flogging, sells by mail order a clanking, cumbersome line of golf paraphernalia, and conducts a large correspondence.
  • The gradual nature of the disaster was also more comforting, in some respects, compared with the nature of modern technological failures such as air crashes . " Time " s reviewer made this point explicitly : " This air age, when death comes too swiftly for heroism or with no survivors to record it, can still turn with wonder to an age before yesterday when a thousand deaths at sea seemed the very worst the world must suffer . " It was, as Steven Biel comments, " a quainter kind of disaster " in which the victims had time to prepare and chose how to die.

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