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quaintnesses sentence in Hindi

"quaintnesses" meaning in Hindiquaintnesses in a sentence
  • Once upon a sleepier time, Leixlip was all Irish quaintness.
  • And the hotels lost any of the quaintness they perhaps ever had.
  • It has the harbor, atmosphere, quaintness and lots of shops.
  • Is all this fuss just another example of British quaintness?
  • Ah, yes, residents explain, the quaintness thing.
  • But there's still plenty of Old West-style quaintness.
  • I like the sense of history, the quaintness of New England.
  • Visitors want a quaintness, stylized to fit their enjoyment of flowers.
  • Comforting too is the cozy quaintness of Grisham's little world.
  • Oh, the quaintness of it all . ..
  • For all its quaintness, St . Marys is part of mainstream America.
  • For all of its quaintness, we are undoubtedly well rid of it.
  • St Davids Church is popular with weddings due to its quaintness and size.
  • Tree huggers prize mescal's handmade quaintness.
  • Solvang _ Yes, quaintness can be eerie.
  • There is a quaintness to Royal Troon, and a warmth in the surroundings.
  • But the accountants and revenue collectors probably didn't care much about quaintness.
  • The thee-and-thou exchanges somehow convey the quaintness of simple animal decency.
  • "But it would ruin the quaintness of Katonah, " she added.
  • Quaintness, it seems, is the only thing daring to raise its voice here.
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