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English-Hindi > quakerism

quakerism meaning in Hindi

quakerism sentence in Hindi
1.She professed Quakerism but had a deep argumentative and independent streak.

2.Each of these three organizations represent different branches within Quakerism.

3.Feake was a Quaker and converted John to Quakerism before he died.

4.In 1651 she married Quakerism, to which she converted in 1677.

5.Moses Brown eventually differentiated himself from his family by converting to Quakerism.

6.He is, by some, regarded as the founder of Quakerism.

7.However, after Ham's death, interest in Quakerism declined.

8.In 1828 the Hicksite Orthodox split occurred in American Quakerism.

9.The schism in American Quakerism was formally healed in 1955.

10.Her parents were Jewish but had turned to Quakerism.

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