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English-Hindi > quaker

quaker meaning in Hindi

quaker sentence in Hindi
1.Quaker Bridge arranged a slightly smaller space for Halloween Adventure Shops.

2.-- Quaker Oats if offering a booklet of holiday recipes.

3.Quaker has added a new flavor to its rice cake products.

4.Jordan, McGrath already handles those assignments for other Quaker brands.

5.In the Quaker tradition, personal appearance doesn't matter.

6.Analysts agree that Quaker Oats has the wherewithal to revive Snapple.

7.Quaker Oats discovered Harrington, and she became a national celebrity.

8.The Quakers lead the series by 39-57-5.

9.Quaker makes specialty chemical products for heavy industrial and manufacturing applications.

10.Quaker released its news after the close of stock market trading.

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one who quakes and trembles with (or as with) fear
Synonyms: trembler,

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