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quakerism sentence in Hindi

"quakerism" meaning in Hindiquakerism in a sentence
  • She professed Quakerism but had a deep argumentative and independent streak.
  • Each of these three organizations represent different branches within Quakerism.
  • Feake was a Quaker and converted John to Quakerism before he died.
  • In 1651 she married Quakerism, to which she converted in 1677.
  • Moses Brown eventually differentiated himself from his family by converting to Quakerism.
  • He is, by some, regarded as the founder of Quakerism.
  • However, after Ham's death, interest in Quakerism declined.
  • In 1828 the Hicksite Orthodox split occurred in American Quakerism.
  • The schism in American Quakerism was formally healed in 1955.
  • Her parents were Jewish but had turned to Quakerism.
  • There is a vibrant history of Quakerism in Norway.
  • Hicks was responsible for the first schism in Quakerism.
  • In 1705 Bennet also published " A Confutation of Quakerism ".
  • He therefore became personally influential in Quakerism both in Britain and the USA.
  • This office is the official voice of Quakerism in the United Nations headquarters.
  • All other topics related to Friends are listed in the Quakerism category ."
  • In 1661 King Charles II explicitly forbade Massachusetts from executing anyone for professing Quakerism.
  • In response to the original question : Quakerism.
  • In 1673 he published  Quakerism no Christianity.
  • In the early days of Quakerism, music was rejected as part of worship.
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