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English-Hindi > quango

quango meaning in Hindi

quango sentence in Hindi
1.This process was colloquially termed the " bonfire of the quangos ".

2.It also educates public employees of both the government and quango sectors.

3.Leather was dubbed the " quango queen " in the popular press.

4.Called Beehaus, it is supported by quango Natural England.

5.Diamond was also involved in public service and quangos.

6.Numerous quangos were created from the 1980s onwards.

7.He also contributed musically to as-yet-unreleased demos by Quando Quango.

8.At that time NESTA was still a QUANGO.

9.NDPBs are commonly referred to as quangos.

10.Over the last decade, Quango has developed a tastemaker brand with a cult following.

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a quasi nongovernmental organization; an organization that is financed by the government yet acts independently of the government
Synonyms: quasi-NGO,

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