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quango sentence in Hindi

"quango" meaning in Hindi
  • This process was colloquially termed the " bonfire of the quangos ".
  • It also educates public employees of both the government and quango sectors.
  • Leather was dubbed the " quango queen " in the popular press.
  • Called Beehaus, it is supported by quango Natural England.
  • Diamond was also involved in public service and quangos.
  • Numerous quangos were created from the 1980s onwards.
  • He also contributed musically to as-yet-unreleased demos by Quando Quango.
  • At that time NESTA was still a QUANGO.
  • NDPBs are commonly referred to as quangos.
  • Over the last decade, Quango has developed a tastemaker brand with a cult following.
  • He has benefited from the quango system.
  • Use of the term quango is less common and therefore more controversial in the United States.
  • The Commission was abolished when quangos were reviewed by the newly elected government in October 2010.
  • Changing the subject, Sir Desmond enquires if there are any chairmanships of quangos currently available.
  • In Britain, many such bodies are termed QUANGOs because of their semi-autonomous nature.
  • Genuine quango that does real work.
  • Ministerial departments are led politically by a quasi-autonomous non-governmental organisations ( Quangos ).
  • Since 3 January 2004, Statistics Netherlands has been a self-standing organisation, or quango.
  • The responsible quango gave an assurance that the experimental devices would be removed not more than one year after installation.
  • To go along with these names, the financial team adopted the name QUeer Accountants Never Go Out ( QUANGO ).
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