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English-Hindi > quantifiability

quantifiability meaning in Hindi

quantifiability sentence in Hindi
1.The strengths of this model are simplicity, generality, and quantifiability.

2.Moreover, he did not believe that detachment, objectivity, and quantifiability were required to make anthropology scientific.

3.Many social scientists in other disciplines often agonize over the legitimacy of their work as " science ", and consequently emphasize the importance of detachment, objectivity, abstraction, and quantifiability in their work.

4.In physics, all we care about is " repeatability " and " quantifiability, " which are arguably distinct, philosophically, from " real . " talk ) 18 : 54, 17 October 2011 ( UTC)

5.The quantifiability of data collected during an experiment is central to the scientific method, since reliable conclusions can only be drawn from replicable experiments, and since in order to establish observer agreement scientists must be able to quantify experimental evidence.

6.The prestige attached to them may be said to relate to a'quantifiability fallacy', the erroneous belief that if a conclusion is reached by quantitative measurement, it must be vindicated, irrespective of what parameters or purpose the investigation is supposed to have.

7.Further Dawkins distinguishes this process from the spread of scientific ideas, which, he suggests, is constrained by the requirement to conform with certain virtues of standard methodology : " testability, evidential support, precision, quantifiability, consistency, intersubjectivity, repeatability, universality, progressiveness, independence of cultural milieu, and so on ".

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