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English-Hindi > quantification

quantification meaning in Hindi

quantification sentence in Hindi
1.Existential quantification can be performed by combining two negation beta nodes.

2.It is one of the basic principles used in quantification theory.

3.These larger biomolecules have presented their own unique challenges to quantification.

4.Quantitative linguistics is an area of linguistics that relies on quantification.

5.Words to put on the bathroom mirror in this era of quantification.

6."Nip " resists quantification in degrees Fahrenheit.

7.Different assumptions and quantifications of these incomes will yield different Gini coefficients.

8.Multicomponent relaxometry ( MCR ) allow visualization and quantification of myelin content.

9.Competitive RT-PCR technique is used for absolute quantification.

10.Covers theory of computation, but also program semantics and quantification theory.

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the act of discovering or expressing the quantity of something

a limitation imposed on the variables of a proposition (as by the quantifiers `some'' or `all'' or `no'')

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