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English-Hindi > quantified

quantified meaning in Hindi

quantified sentence in Hindi
• परिमाण निर्धारित करना
• परिमाणित करना
• मात्रा निर्धारित करना
1.They quantified their results by identifying consistent findings in the studies.

2.But can this death, any death, ever be quantified?

3."They haven't quantified anything yet ."

4.His accomplishments and appetites could only be quantified with enormous numbers.

5.Between these two extremes, information can be quantified as follows.

6.Taking gives the more quantified version of the principle, namely:

7.Suppose it is quantified as a 90 % chance of sunshine.

8.There are two main ways in which hue difference is quantified.

9.Because these are so rigorously quantified, they are particularly important.

10.The additional costs, which are modest, can be quantified.

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