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quantified sentence in Hindi

"quantified" meaning in Hindiquantified in a sentence
  • They quantified their results by identifying consistent findings in the studies.
  • But can this death, any death, ever be quantified?
  • "They haven't quantified anything yet ."
  • His accomplishments and appetites could only be quantified with enormous numbers.
  • Between these two extremes, information can be quantified as follows.
  • Taking gives the more quantified version of the principle, namely:
  • Suppose it is quantified as a 90 % chance of sunshine.
  • There are two main ways in which hue difference is quantified.
  • Because these are so rigorously quantified, they are particularly important.
  • The additional costs, which are modest, can be quantified.
  • Under ideal conditions the conductance of individual channels can be quantified.
  • Sequences from different individuals are collected and their similarity is quantified.
  • Aggregate impacts have also been quantified in non-economic terms.
  • This can be quantified and better understood by examining single crystals.
  • The levels of ascaridole in herbal medicinal products should be quantified.
  • Performance is usually quantified by a fund's total return.
  • Only few studies have accurately quantified the entire cost of accidents.
  • The comparison with experiment is quantified using a function of the form
  • The result was quantified by the total number of blocks moved.
  • The array is then imaged and the obtained data is quantified.
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