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English-Hindi > raceway

raceway meaning in Hindi

raceway sentence in Hindi
1.The Freehold Raceway Mall is also less than 10 miles away.

2.The casino is across from Firebird Lake Raceway on Maricopa Road.

3.The closest dirt track is Central Arizona Raceway in Casa Grande.

4.Action Track, The : Richmond International Raceway's nickname.

5.With Foyt, it's my way or no raceway.

6.PHOENIX-Switchboard operators have been busy at Phoenix International Raceway.

7.So I went to Marlboro Raceway and I won on Sunday.

8.The big winner is Jim Hunter, president of Darlington Raceway.

9.The Interior Department approved a specific proposal at the Monticello Raceway.

10.An event is also scheduled at Houston Raceway Park in Baytown.

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a course over which races are run
Synonyms: racetrack, racecourse, track,

a canal for a current of water
Synonyms: race,

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