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English-Hindi > reexamined

reexamined meaning in Hindi

reexamined sentence in Hindi
1.But if the pace changes outside, we will reexamine that.

2.And we need to reexamine laws that apply to domestic violence.

3.Therefore, it is imperative that we reexamine all our options.

4.Beinish recommended such methods of interrogation be reexamined . dmc-dp

5.They also plan to reexamine details of several unsolved murder cases.

6.They will be reexamined after the experiment is a year old.

7.Teachers are most reluctant to reexamine their assumptions, Sodhi said.

8.In 1999, Constantinos Markides reexamined the nature of strategic planning.

9.In March 2010, the reexamined and amended patent was allowed.

10.In 1957, the remains were reexamined by Straus and Cave.

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