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English-Hindi > ref

ref meaning in Hindi

verb past tense: reffed   verb past participle: reffed   verb present participle: reffing   
ref sentence in Hindi
1.Style override used with wildcard context reference in language '%s' in ref '%s'
वाइल्ड कार्ड संदर्भ के साथ भाषा में शैली अधिरोहन '%s' संदर्भ में '%s'

2.Please quote ref : PPY986
कृपया उल्लेख करें रेङ् ः फ्ब्986ः

3.Please quote ref: PPY986
कृपया उल्लेख करें ref ः PPY986H

4.Please quote ref: PPY986
कृपया उल्लेख करें ref ः PPY986H

5.Below ref penis where top and half are joint together a visible line is situated.
रैफ शिश्न कि नीचे की जहाँ शिश्न के पार्श्व आर्ध जुड़ते हैं पर स्थित एक दृश्य रिज होती है।

(sports) the chief official (as in boxing or American football) who is expected to ensure fair play
Synonyms: referee,

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