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English-Hindi > refashion

refashion meaning in Hindi

refashion sentence in Hindi
1.This is a good opportunity for us to refashion the military.

2.The new sport helped Monmouth University in New Jersey refashion itself.

3.He said OSI has no intent to refashion a proposal.

4.She decided to refashion her career, becoming an international touring artist.

5.There is no simple way to refashion this unsound relationship.

6.What do we gain by trying to refashion and salvage that text?

7.He eventually had surgery to refashion a phallus, married and adopted children.

8.NATO hopes to refashion itself at this summit.

9.They attempted to refashion it in their own ecclesiastical image based on English models.

10.Where deregulation would refashion the industry would be at the two ends of the chain.

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make new; "She is remaking her image"
Synonyms: remake, redo, make over,

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