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refectories sentence in Hindi

"refectories" meaning in Hindi
  • Preston Hall was built in 1873 and used as a refectory.
  • The former Refectory of the abbey is used as a caf?
  • It has a cathedral from 1652 and a refectory from 1678.
  • The refectory houses frescoes by il Sodoma ( 1502 1503 ).
  • However, the sacristy, cloister, and refectory remained intact.
  • She had also worked as a waitress in the prison refectory.
  • He then faces his father at the reception in the refectory.
  • A dormitory and refectory for the Sisters came up in 1946.
  • Semicircular window openings of the refectory are decorated with decorative plaster.
  • On the south side of the cloister was the refectory.
  • A service passage survives between the kitchen and the refectory.
  • Later she appointed Th�r�se assistant to Pauline in the refectory.
  • Historically, the refectory was generally only used by monks and priests.
  • The church and refectory buildings survive and are Grade I listed buildings.
  • The old refectory was given a veranda and a bandshell was added.
  • Each floor has a central refectory area where pilgrims congregate to eat.
  • The refectory is covered with a three-slope roof.
  • The monastic treasure was exhibited in the rebuilt medieval refectory in 1987.
  • The fifth tent is a belltower placed between the church and refectory.
  • Today, parts of the church and refectory can still be seen.
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