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English-Hindi > refectories

refectories meaning in Hindi

refectories sentence in Hindi
1.Preston Hall was built in 1873 and used as a refectory.

2.The former Refectory of the abbey is used as a caf?

3.It has a cathedral from 1652 and a refectory from 1678.

4.The refectory houses frescoes by il Sodoma ( 1502 1503 ).

5.However, the sacristy, cloister, and refectory remained intact.

6.She had also worked as a waitress in the prison refectory.

7.He then faces his father at the reception in the refectory.

8.A dormitory and refectory for the Sisters came up in 1946.

9.Semicircular window openings of the refectory are decorated with decorative plaster.

10.On the south side of the cloister was the refectory.

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