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English-Hindi > refurbishes

refurbishes meaning in Hindi

refurbishes sentence in Hindi
1.Plans to refurbish it have been on their agenda for decades.

2.You know, they cannot refurbish their flats and so on.

3.Most people don't refurbish every two years ."

4.We also need 150 billion bolivars to refurbish our industrial infrastructure.

5.How can I refurbish those ceilings, and eventually paint them?

6.Connally used her interest in gardening to refurbish the mansion grounds.

7.We already refurbish school buses for school districts around the state.

8.Congress authorized $ 72 million to reactivate and refurbish the planes.

9.That would be enough to refurbish every church in the country,

10.Most cars we refurbish are given a one-year warranty.

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