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English-Hindi > refurnished

refurnished meaning in Hindi

refurnished sentence in Hindi
1.He converted it to his summer residence and refurnished the interiors.

2.Goldstein said the offices have been refinished, refurnished and repeatedly cleaned.

3.In 1637 the chapel was refurnished and restored by Sir Thomas Aston.

4.The chancel, nave and aisles were entirely refurnished.

5.The great prayer hall was provisionally refurnished with benches.

6.In 1894 the church was further restored and refurnished.

7.Under Father Donnelly the rectory was refurnished and brought up-to-date.

8.Over five years, Arden extensively reconstructed, redecorated, and refurnished the castle.

9.During the Napoleonic occupation, General Joachim Murat refurnished the palace with French furniture.

10.The theatre was re-refurnished in 2005.

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