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English-Hindi > refurbishments

refurbishments meaning in Hindi

refurbishments sentence in Hindi
1.But a yearlong, $ 2 million refurbishment changed all that.

2.The refurbishments and festivities will cost at least $ 50 million.

3.Columbia is overdue for a routine, year-long refurbishment.

4.The QE2 had set off before extensive refurbishment had been completed.

5.In 2011 the swimming pool underwent a ?00, 000 refurbishment.

6.The Conservatory in the park has recently reopened after a refurbishment.

7.Streatham Library has also undergone a ?.2 million refurbishment.

8.The total cost of refurbishment and reconstruction was 35 million euros.

9.The first was based on the refurbishment of the first exile.

10.When Robert Menzies'wife Pattie Menzies supervised a major refurbishment.

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