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repletes sentence in Hindi

"repletes" meaning in Hindirepletes in a sentence
  • A second Pepsi commercial replete with special effects evoked divided opinions.
  • Several have hit the market replete with catchy mascots and mottoes.
  • It was a dysfunctional market that was replete with anticompetitive behavior.
  • The second announcement was a gala, replete with admission tickets.
  • The dialogue is replete with amusing one-liners and zingers.
  • History is replete with examples of how empires rose and fell.
  • Today's local shopping scene is replete with the tiangge.
  • Deri's arrival 38 minutes late was replete with drama.
  • The play is replete with lush, poetic dialogue and imagery.
  • Whose smile upon each feature plays with such and such replete.
  • The other two are more elaborate and replete with theological terminology.
  • Ring Mountain is also replete with numerous species of native wildflowers.
  • The song was replete with Latin rhythms and classical guitar passages.
  • His talk page is replete with previous warnings about edit warring.
  • The statute book is replete with examples of special statutory review.
  • The event is also replete with entertainment for the literary taste.
  • A gothic tower replete with a rope of Rapunzel's hair.
  • India does have parliamentary government and a Constitution replete with democratic guarantees.
  • Even this much of a synopsis is already replete with Wagnerian resonances.
  • The last several decades have been nothing if not replete with duplicities.
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