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replica plating sentence in Hindi

"replica plating" meaning in Hindireplica plating in a sentence
  • Newcombe replica plated it onto two new Petri dishes treated with phage.
  • "' Replica plating "'is a streaking each out individually onto a separate plate.
  • Replica plating is especially useful for " negative selection ".
  • He was also presented with a replica plate as a permanent reminder of the occasion.
  • In Falkow's case, this happened a few years after she first published the replica plating paper.
  • At the memorial for Esther Lederberg, he spoke of the impact of replica plating, and his feelings upon meeting the originator of the technique:
  • Two and a half miles ( 4 kilometers ) above, on the white linen tables of the Keldysh, other tourists dine off replica plates.
  • The purpose of replica plating is to be able to compare the master plate and any secondary plates, typically to screen for a desired phenotype.
  • For example, if one wanted to select colonies that were sensitive to ampicillin, the primary plate could be replica plated on a secondary Amp + agar plate.
  • The method of replica plating implemented by Esther Lederberg included auxotrophs that were temperature-sensitive; that is, their ability to synthesize was temperature-dependent . ( Auxotrophs are usually not temperature-dependent.
  • In the figure, a nonselective plate will be replica plated after the Amp + plate to confirm that the absence of growth on the selective plate is due to the selection itself and not a problem with transferring cells.

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