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resonated sentence in Hindi

"resonated" meaning in Hindi
  • However that resonates later on is for somebody else to determine.
  • Plus, he said, " it resonates ."
  • These are qualities that resonated throughout his long, productive career.
  • He had a spirit that resonated with a lot of people.
  • We believe we have a message that will resonate with voters.
  • Though he spoke softly, his voice resonated throughout the courtroom.
  • The memory will resonate as long as they pitch and catch.
  • That philosophy resonates in " Three Tall Women ."
  • Poetry has resonated in Dove's life since her girlhood.
  • Buchanan's politics of the heart resonates with evangelical piety.
  • As I said, Buchanan's simplified secular answers resonate.
  • Their debates, recorded by Madison, resonate across the centuries.
  • Bob Dole has a message that will resonate with those voters.
  • Music interacts with a resonating space in a wholly different way.
  • The lessons of the APFA strike resonated through the labor movement.
  • Meanwhile, back at my garden, the wisteria chats resonated.
  • Certainly, the bomb in Atlanta resonated immediately around the world.
  • Re-electing a president usually requires a rationale that resonates.
  • It was expected, but his death still resonates with me.
  • Still, Ou's message has resonated far from Cambodia.
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