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sabbatical leave sentence in Hindi

"sabbatical leave" meaning in Hindi
  • All insurance benefits are continued during the terms of the sabbatical leave.
  • While at the University of Idaho, he received three sabbatical leave grants.
  • He took a sabbatical leave in 1932-1933 at the California Institute of Technology.
  • Teachers receive 1 / 2 their salary when on sabbatical leave.
  • Herty was granted a sabbatical leave for the 1899-1900 academic year.
  • That same summer, he was granted a sabbatical leave to travel to Constantinople.
  • Teachers on sabbatical leave receive 1 / 2 their salary.
  • When Moon was on sabbatical leave from 1926 1927, Brown served as Acting Dean.
  • Teachers may take a sabbatical leave at 1 / 2 pay for one year.
  • Benzies took sabbatical leave from Rockstar from 1 September 2014.
  • Since retiring, Arce has committed his summers and sabbatical leaves to developing baseball internationally.
  • So in 2005, he began a sabbatical leave; in 2006, he re-invented Unfettered Mind.
  • With Sperry's encouragement, a sabbatical leave grant, and a private donation, from 1957 58.
  • Teachers receive one half their salary while on sabbatical leave.
  • "The second time we moved to Ireland was a sabbatical leave, " he says.
  • In 1994, Jagaro took a sabbatical leave from Western Australia and disrobed a year later.
  • A sabbatical leave is offered at one half salary and full benefits for one year.
  • Sabbatical leave at one half of salary is available to teacher after 10 years worked.
  • He spent the academic year 1953 1954 on sabbatical leave at the Institute for Advanced Study.
  • During sabbatical leaves Aschenbrenner taught at the Universit�t Wien, University College London and the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universit�t M�nchen.
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