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sabers sentence in Hindi

"sabers" meaning in Hindi
  • But that was before Baghdad began its latest saber-rattling.
  • Scars from saber cuts and gunshot wounds from head to toe.
  • The troop movement may amount to no more than saber rattling.
  • When sabers rattle, so do the nerves of foreign businessmen.
  • Foil and saber fencers wear metallic jackets to register a hit.
  • Soon, Kerkorian began rattling his saber and threatening a takeover.
  • They know the UN is rattling the saber, threatening intervention.
  • The saber-rattling and rhetoric has been largely for show.
  • One pair of excited members, wielding toy sabers that go vhronn
  • "This is saber rattling, " he said.
  • My favorite was Saber Dance until Barbara Dean sat on it.
  • Maybe you can add a cordless saber saw to your collection.
  • Maybe we'd have to go to sabers ."
  • Hay que saber adaptarse un poco a otros tipos de barro.
  • Americans are in no mood for the empty rattling of sabers.
  • It was a kind of theme in Saber's life.
  • Fog lights that slice through thickest pea soup like light sabers.
  • Yesterday's light sabers are today's Mount Doom.
  • Keeth will compete in Athens in the men's saber.
  • It's like a foil competing against a saber ."
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