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sabena sentence in Hindi

"sabena" meaning in Hindi
  • Loepfe said he expects Sabena to make a profit by 1998.
  • Sabena of Belgium and Swissair signed an accord with Delta Airlines.
  • Sabena Belgian World Airlines : ( 800 ) 955-2000.
  • The carriers had about 430 orders each before the Sabena announcement.
  • Sabena has lost money in 39 of the last 40 years.
  • The official, who demanded anonymity, also defended Sabena against British
  • Sabena is recovering after running up big debts in recent years.
  • Until then, Sabena will lease the aircraft back from EAL.
  • They gave me a ticket for tonight on a Sabena flight.
  • Swissair is part of a group including Sabena and Austrian Airlines.
  • Sabena posted a net loss for 2000 of $ 290 million.
  • Swissair will also take over nine Airbus aircraft ordered by Sabena.
  • Sabena spokesman Wilfried Remans could not immediately be reached for comment.
  • Everyone has to be aware of the critical situation of Sabena.
  • This is all we have to guarantee the survival of Sabena.
  • Sabena reassured customers that its planes would not be immediately grounded.
  • Only two of Sabena's four unions backed the strike.
  • Sabena said last week it was still looking for private investors.
  • Sabena is struggling to survive and is cutting all unprofitable routes.
  • Sabena was declared bankrupt last month . ( dj-pa)
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