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English-Hindi > sabin

sabin meaning in Hindi

sabin sentence in Hindi
1.In 1959, Albert Sabin introduced his live-virus vaccine.

2.Sabin joined The Times in 1993 as director of labor relations.

3.Former President Gary Sabins had overseen all of the orthopedics operations.

4.Most were given Sabin oral vaccine later determined to contain SV40.

5.David Sabin's big bear Gloucester is plainspoken and direct.

6.Sabin died on December 22, 1902 in Chicago, Illinois.

7.Sabin received a medical degree from New York University in 1931.

8.Petey Williams defeated Chris Sabin and Matt Bentley in the match.

9.He also faced CM Punk, Chris Sabin and Nate Webb.

10.It was developed in 1978 by Daniel Doo and Malcolm Sabin.

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a unit of acoustic absorption equivalent to the absorption by a square foot of a surface that absorbs all incident sound

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