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English-Hindi > sabertooth

sabertooth meaning in Hindi

sabertooth sentence in Hindi

• असिदंत
1.The Late Pleistocene sabertooth salmon lived at the time as well.

2.It is also known as the " Sabertooth Longhorn beetle ".

3.The base card set was launched in October 2005 by Sabertooth Games.

4.The new sabertooth cat combines some of the deadliest features of the others.

5.Some also believe his Leobreaker form mirrors Wolverine's nemesis, Sabertooth.

6.In early 2011, Russell created " The Sabertooth Vampire ."

7.Warren becomes close friends with Ultimatum event, Warren is brutally killed by Sabertooth.

8.The games produced by Sabertooth Games made use of existing game licenses or intellectual property.

9.The true origins of the Sabertooth Vampire are unknown but the series offers two theories.

10.His first book, " Sabertooth, " is available for the same price.

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