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sabin sentence in Hindi

"sabin" meaning in Hindi  
  • In 1959, Albert Sabin introduced his live-virus vaccine.
  • Sabin joined The Times in 1993 as director of labor relations.
  • Former President Gary Sabins had overseen all of the orthopedics operations.
  • Most were given Sabin oral vaccine later determined to contain SV40.
  • David Sabin's big bear Gloucester is plainspoken and direct.
  • Sabin died on December 22, 1902 in Chicago, Illinois.
  • Sabin received a medical degree from New York University in 1931.
  • Petey Williams defeated Chris Sabin and Matt Bentley in the match.
  • He also faced CM Punk, Chris Sabin and Nate Webb.
  • It was developed in 1978 by Daniel Doo and Malcolm Sabin.
  • Its two-tower transmitter site is near Sabin, Minnesota.
  • After the match, Chris Sabin came out to congratulate Shelley.
  • The producers on the album is Charlie Peacock and Nate Sabin.
  • Sabin said of his rival's work a few years ago.
  • Sabin offers a detailed tour of more radical comic art.
  • Sabin told Hougen that the relationship was a monogamous, romantic pairing.
  • The oral Sabin polio vaccine was a weakened form of the poliovirus.
  • Sabin, 35, will supervise dealings with 15 unions.
  • Last month, the foundation hired Warwick Sabin as director of development.
  • Sabin earned her bachelor's degree from Smith College in 1893.
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